Sonal is a renowned makeup artist who has been perfecting her passion and dedication for make-up artistry. She has been exclusively serving Indian brides over a span of 25 years. Her work is innovative and she has achieved peaks in bridal world. She was under the guidance and learned from Jaywant Thakkre, Bharat and Dorris who are international make-up artists. With great experience and multitude exposure, she does enable to enhance the features of any face and give it a flawless finish.

Since the year 1986, she is spreading the art of make-up and hair-style. She brings out all her expertise into play and transforms normal women into a beautiful bride who is a complete epitome of beauty and grace. She has achieved this stage with great efforts. She has the power to beautify all brides in an impeccable and elegant look. She has dressed up over 3000 brides in a lovely way.

Bridal make-up is a significant factor in a brides make over and you can rely on Sonal to get a look that will surely stun everyone. Perfect skillful make-up and extraordinary vision blend together will enhance the bride's beauty and make this special day a memorable one for her to cherish for years to come.